Testimonials | Nature's Way Inc.

We are very proud to offer a service that helps so many people and humbled by some of their kind words. Here is just a sampling of the feedback we have received. We would be happy to provide customer references prior to any engagement.

Dan is an extremely honest man dedicated to helping people in their times of need. He does not try to sell you anything but offers a very extensive and well documented test at the cheapest rate possible. He has great work ethic, is dedicated to his position, and genuinely cares about people in “toxic mold” situations. I would call all news stations, tell them of my situation, and about how Dan saved me. I talk about him everywhere I go and would recommend him over any other business.

Jamie G.
Amherst, MA

Nature’s Way Inc was the first to call me and I spoke to a very knowledgeable man named Daniel Atkins who is still the only person to help me and my family with our very stressful situation. He went above and beyond just testing mold and air, 1st he changed his set schedule to accommodate me before evidence was removed coming just hours after we spoke, and he also has listened to me vent encouraging me to call him anytime. He also found me numbers of doctors and to sum it up he is my family’s only ally and I’m so glad to have hired him thanks Dan!

Ryan A.
Charlemont, MA

We used Nature’s Way to do mold testing for a home we were attempting to purchase. We had a very short time-frame to have the test performed and to receive the results. Dan Atkins was not only very responsive to accommodate the test and our timeframe, but he was the most reasonable quote we were able to obtain for the service. Dan called and emailed us immediately upon receiving the test results, and then walked us through them with a late-evening phone call on his own time. Since we never had dealt with a mold problem before, the language and test results were very intimidating, and we felt much better after reviewing them with Dan.

Patrick S.
Amherst, MA

We had a potentially black mold problem that our negligent landlord refused to even look at, let alone test. I developed a lung infection from this mold, and knew I needed help right away. I called around and tried a few websites before I was lucky enough to find ServiceMaster. Their customer service rep was fantastic on the phone, and put me through to Nature’s Way, Inc. The inspector at Nature’s Way was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also came out that same day and tested the mold. He called me immediately with results, and helped guide us through cleanup. The services Nature’s Way, Inc offer are bar-none the best out there!! 5 STARS!

Peter P.
West Springfield, MA

We have local mold around the attic and we have discussed remediation. He came out to inspect the mold and he suggested a few options we could try before spending money to actually remove it. I was very satisfied with him and his suggestions. He told me to try a fan in the attic to control the air temperature and humidity first before moving forward. He was very helpful, and he was on time for the appointment. I like the fact he would give good advice as well as the estimate that we requested.

Earl S.
North Granby, CT

Dan does a great job. He is reliable and reasonably priced. I bought a great air purifier through him and he orders new parts when I need them. It works great. I even bring it on vacation with me. The only thing I wish is they also took samples from different areas of the house that are on hard surfaces. Not just air samples. Maybe he does do that if you ask. Thanks Dan! Great job in my opinion.

Kelly G
Wilbraham, MA

Very, very nice person who was able to accommodate our request for quick turnaround. He came up with the very best possible way to accomplish what we needed to accomplish. We hope to never be in this situation but will definitely hire Dan again if we are.

Turners Falls, MA

My initial consult with Mr. Dan Atkins was positive in that he is knowledgeable, answered my many questions regarding the issues I am addressing. Mr. Atkins is highly professional, yet personable and thoughtfully concerned. I look forward to meeting with him again.


Suffield, CT