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I started Nature’s Way, Inc. in June of 2003 to specialize in improving the air quality in indoor environments for families in Western Massachusetts and Western Connecticut.

I am a NORMI-certified Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Mold Inspector.

I did indoor air quality testing before using an oxidizing air purifier, and after, showed me the dramatic improvements possible with these devices. It also taught me that mold was the main contributor too poor indoor air quality, and as a result, I became a mold inspector.

In 2013, I started working with air purification products by Best Living Systems, which is affiliated with NORMI, the National Organization for Remediators and Mold Inspectors and Green Tech Environmental air purification products.

In July 2022 I became a Normi Certified Environmental Allergen Assessor and a Normi IAQ (indoor Air Quality) Trained Professional and can now test for allergens and monitor the indoor environment.

Please email me at NaturesFreshAir@msn.com or call 413-734-7882, 531-0911 if you have questions and want an honest, professional opinion about your indoor air quality.

Daniel Atkins
Environmental Consultant


  • Certified Indoor Air Quality and Mold Inspector (NORMI), August 2006
  • Certified Biocide Applicator (NORMI), October 2006
  • Certified Service Technician (NORMI), November 2006
  • Certified FRAP (First Responders Awareness Program) Trainer (NORMI), November 2008
  • Certified Advanced Oxidation Specialist, November 2005
  • Certified Indoor Air Specialist, October 2005
  • Certified Normi Environmental Allergen Assessor 2022
  • (NITP) Normi Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Trained Professional 2022


  • University of Mass., Amherst, School of Agriculture Associates Degree
  • Cornell University, College of Life Sciences Bachelor of Science
  • Continuing Education Online with Normi, 2006 to present

We are members of Normi, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, which is a non-profit organization that trains and certifies professionals in the inspection and abatement industry. If you are experiencing type of allergen, mycotoxins, or mold, give us a call. Let our professionals perform environmental detection in your home or office and offer solutions for you.